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SME Internationalisation Grant Scheme

This Grant Scheme supports SMEs through the provision of Grants to part-finance costs to actively participate in International Business Promotion Fairs held outside the territory of the Republic of Malta, aimed at the internationalisation of the Undertaking by introducing their products/services to new markets and by strengthening their international market presence.

T​arget Group

  • Micro Enterprises
  • Small Enterprises
  • Medium-sized Enterprises ​

The constraints emanating as a result of the size of the domestic market makes internationalisation crucial for SME business growth. Market targeting has a huge impact for the internationalisation process since the business environment can clearly differentiate from one​ country to another.

Participation in International Business Promotion Fairs remains an important instrument in targeting markets for SME internationalisation, and provides SMEs an opportunity to start building a network of business connections and to overcome barriers to enter the targeted foreign market. Moreover, participation in business promotion fairs provides a source of significant information for SMEs of preferred policies and actions when operating in the international business field.

Eligible Actions

Active participation in International Business Promotion Fairs held outside the territory of the Republic of Malta where active participation means having a stand and exhibiting products/services at the fair.

The incentive supports SMEs actively participating in International Business Promotion Fairs, by covering part of the costs required to set-up and run a stand to exhibit their products/services, by covering a number of costs items including travel costs and per diem for up to 2 employees/directors of the Enterprise up to fixed thresholds.  

Eligible Costs

  • ​Participation fee
  • Rental of the exhibition space/stand
  • Costs related to the construction and setting-up of the stand
  • Travel Costs
  • Per Diem
  • Design and printing of branding material
  • Shipment of exhibits​

This Scheme is demand driven and managed through an open rolling call.